ULX allows for a high level of customization. Most settings can be changed from XGUI by typing !xgui settings in chat.

Prominent settings that are not customizable in XGUI are covered on this page.

Forced downloads

File <garrysmod>/data/ulx/downloads.txt
Format Flat-file database
Purpose Files and directories that clients should download.

Forced downloads allow you to specify paths to files and directories that should be downloaded by the client.

Ban reasons

File <garrysmod>/data/ulx/banreasons.txt
Format Flat-file database
Purpose Store default ban reasons.

Default ban reasons are displayed as suggestions when trying to kick or ban a user from XGUI. ULX will also autocomplete default ban reasons from the developer console.

Per-gamemode/per-map configuration

ULX can load different configurations depending on the current gamemode or map.

Create files using the following folder structure:

This feature is compatible with all ULX configuration files (config.txt, downloads.txt, gimps.txt, adverts.txt, votemaps.txt, banreasons.txt, motd.txt and banmessage.txt).

All configurations add to each other except gimps and votemaps, which takes the most specific configuration only.

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