Getting started

Make yourself superadmin

Running a listen server? Skip this part. You should already have superadmin access.

The superadmin usergroup is considered the highest usergroup by Garry’s Mod. Users in the superadmin usergroup have access to all the privileged features in ULX.

  1. Join your Garry’s Mod dedicated server.
  2. Open your dedicated server console and run ulx adduser <USERNAME> superadmin where <USERNAME> is the name of the user you want to promote (e.g.: ulx adduser Garry superadmin).

You should now be able to use all privileged features ULX has to offer. Typing !rcon say test should display a chat message from Console with the contents “test”.

Didn’t work? See “How do I make myself admin?” on the Ulysses forums for more detailed instructions and alternative methods.

Binding XGUI to a key

You can bind XGUI (ULX menu) to a key and make it available at the press off a button.

  1. Start Garry’s Mod.
  2. Enable the Developer Console by going to Options > Keyboard > Advanced > Enable Developers Console.
  3. Press Apply.
  4. Press the ~ key on your keyboard.
  5. Type bind <KEY> xgui where <KEY> is the key you want to bind (e.g.: bind m xgui).
  6. Close out of the console by clicking the close button in the upper right corner.

You should now be able to open the ULX menu with the press of a key.


Installation Configuration

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